Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pushka to Jaipur

From Agra we headed 400km west to a small town called Pushka. During this part of the trip we discovered who Mr Singh's favourite passenger was... The multi-Skilled Ruth who was very competent at decoding what the heck Mr Singh was talking about. However, by this time Mr Singh thought Ruth's name was Pia and none of us had the heart to correct him. So Ruth is known as Pia and Pia is currently nameless, but for how long!

During the long 8 hour drive we encountered many road tolls, driving into oncoming traffic, a variety of road kill, a Hindu process, runaway camels and a massacred truck. 'This is India!' stated Mr Singh.

Upon arrival in Pushka all three of us thought - Where the heck are we? And what on earth are we doing here... It felt like we had driven into a dirty version of a hippy commune, mixed with a heap of cows, pigs and monkeys. Pia aka Charlie Champion (as named by Mr Singh) felt at home with her dreadlocked, Indian fellas.

From Hippyville we made our way east to Jaipur. Back onto the ever eventful roads of India. Today more of the focus was on cars malfunctioning. Firstly an overloaded truck burst a tyre and nearly toppled into the neighbouring vehicles... Don't be alarmed, no rickshaws were harmed. Then our reliable Tata, took a turn for the worse and majorly overheated in town, giving us our first experience of local mechanics. I hope they charge us only 6dhs to repair a non-functioning car. On arrival we headed to the Sun Temple which was mainly riddled with monkeys and very cute Monkeylets (What are baby monkeys called?) At the top of the temple we admired a panoramic view of Jaipur and the highlight would be when 2 cows blocked our pathway and Pia kindly took a headbutt to the hip!

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