Thursday, 7 June 2012

Flea Market Mayhem

After many months of talking we finally got around to organising a fundraiser. Thanks to Ruth’s ingenious idea we decided to ask people to donate old clothes, books… anything really. From there we set up a table at Safa Park Flea Market to sell all the goodies we had collected and sell on the cheap. Little did we know we would get more donations then we expected, especially from a kind friend who donated 5 massive boxes, three quarters our size. An amazing donation, but never the best fun carrying and lifting them in 90% humidity.

Finally on market day we filled our three cars with what you could say… 'One mans trash is another ones treasure - and headed out to make some money for the ‘Round Table’ Organisation.

By midday the mercury had risen to 40 degrees and inside the hall it felt like a sauna. We actually had to leave the hall and head outside during the afternoon to feel a sense of refreshment.

Before the doors had even opened regular flea market hagglers bombarded us! Trying to set up a mass of stuff in 4 square metres and barter with 4 people at one go is a stressful experience. Once the doors opened all mayhem broke loose. Us girls were very grateful to 3 very kind friends – Yahia, Adel and Jimmy who came down and helped us… in reality it would have been beyond chaotic trying to do it ourselves.

There were a few highlights of the day… One being setting up the clothes racks in desert heat temperatures – A good laugh for the spectators as we read, more than once, the always helpful IKEA instructions. Next would be when the basketball hoop on display fell and nearly gave Pia concussion!  (Unfortunately we only made 15dhs on the thing !) The other being when Adel tried selling Alisha’s Canon camera – with 8Gs of photos. “AHHHH!” Then there was Ruth telling Alisha off for selling the clothes way to cheaply. “That top is designer!” “Those shirts and trousers are tailored made and you sold it for how much!?!?!?!” … “Oops!”

Overall the day was a great success and we walked away quietly satisfied with the final result. Mission accomplished - 4000AED raised for the kids in India!!!

A big thank you to all those who made donations!!!

On reflection - this experience was certainly an induction into what we can expect in India. Chaotic crowds of people, avoiding near miss collisions and sweaty goodness in monsoon temperatures.

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