Monday, 4 June 2012

I have a dream...

It all began on the 12th January 2012. 

Three girls got together and made a decision to endeavour on an adventure across a country and not any country... but one filled with an astounding array of culture, ancient tradition, history, vibrant colour and chaos... India!

Thankfully we have the time and opportunity to participate in a such an event that allows us to drive 2000 kilometres from Mumbai to Chennai through 4 states in an auto rickshaw, changing our perspective on the world! 

I think all three of us agree there comes a time that you have to put back into the community and step out from under the security blanket of familiarity and experience something that can be life changing. During our time on the road and the weeks before the big day - you can follow our adventure across the unknown through this blog, where there is guaranteed to be challenges beyond our control, eye opening experiences and an abundance of laughs!

Meet the team - Pia, Alisha and Ruth!

Time has begun to officially get planning, big time! With only 53 days left until departure date... 
Team name: Little Miss Rickshaws - Check!
Team mascot: Design complete - Check!
Permission to drive a Tuk Tuk: International driving licences - Check!
Indian Visas: Triple check!
Flights: Check!
Immunization updates:  Check!
Rabies immunization: Ruth - Check! Alisha and Pia plan to throw Ruth into the 'lions den' if the situation arises. 
Fundraiser: Safa park Flea Market - Check! (Update coming soon)
Sponsorship: In progress...

Hmmmm... and the list keeps going!

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