Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Day eight meant relaxing day - no need to be up early ready to rickshaw our way across the country side. After a leisurely breakfast we decided to chilax - Ruth and I headed out to the town of Panaji to go exploring while Pia headed out with the boys from Team 3 to find a beach and go exploring Old Goa. They certainly had an eventful day bringing all the locals out to the beach to admire three white bodies wading in the surf. In the meantime Ruth and I managed to head a good couple of kilometers into town along the coast. On our way back we thought walking through town would be the way to go! Hmmm, all our sense of direction was lost as we winded our way through the neighbourhood streets of Panaiji. We knew we'd taken a wrong turn when we ended outside a massive temple and all we could see in the distance was rice fields. In the end we made it back 3 hours later and with no sports equipment we had intended to buy for the boys orphanage.... Eeks!

By late afternoon the majority of the teams met in the hotel lobby to visit the boys orphanage. We all piled into luxurious air conditioned cars where we arrived 15 minutes later at our destination. Much quicker then what it would have taken in our rickshaws.

We were greeted by at least 25 happy faces playing soccer outside. As we drove in they looked at us with hesitation, but as soon as you gave them a smile and a wave they waved back with beaming smiles. Instantly, Team 6 who were dressed as Elmo and the Cookie Monster were attacked by the boys. Jumping, pulling, lifting and hugging were all part of the deal. Gradually the boys approached us and introduced themselves and shook our hands. One of the older boys stopped to talk to Pia and I. He was fascinated about what we were driving and the places we were visiting. Around our necks we were wearing our lanyards, which included our itinerary, plus name and passport photo. Unfortunately if I'd known the passport photo I'd given would be around my neck as I travelled India I would have sent them a new one. The reason why is summed up in this young boys response. 'Is that you? ... You look like a criminal.' ... as Pia and Ruth reply - 'Hahaha, we agree kid. We've been telling her the whole time!' Ahhh, priceless moments.

While we were at the orphanage the boys showed us where they lived and shared with us what they do. They even managed to sing a song, but that was quickly replaced with their awesome dance moves as a couple of the boys put on some dance tunes. It was such a great time spending the afternoon with the boys - they were so appreciative of where they lived, compared to the dangers of the streets. There was a strong sense of community and support for one another in the home. A reassuring sight indeed.

The evening was spent enjoying a team dinner compliments of the rickshaw challenge. The prospect of karaoke got everyone excited, but the dj didn't have any of the songs we requested... What! No Celine Dion, crazy!! Princely certainly let his hair down on the dance floor. Watch out,


  1. Spotted your rick at Koramangala, Bangalore today morning. What a pretty sight! Way to go and all the best for the rest of the race.

    1. Thanks heaps!! India has been too kind to us :D