Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Going to Goa

After brekkyfast we sped pass the hotel gates along the coastal road to Goa. The rain set in for awhile, but it wasn't enough to dampen our spirits as we bopped along with the music. Once again we were playing cat n mouse with team 5. In the end we relented and let them lead the way ;) It had nothing to do with us having 3 peeps in the rickshaw compared to there 2! At Rajapur we carelessly didn't trust our gut instinct and followed team 5 into the city, when we could have driven round the outskirts. This put our sense of direction off and it didn't help when a local pointed us in the opposite direction. About 10km later I saw a sign for Panvel, which was where we had been 2 days ago. So we flagged down a motorcycle to double check that we needed to u-turn. In return the young guy asked for a photo and as accommodating as we are we agreed.. if only we knew! In preparation of the photo shoot he firstly took his jacket off and fixed his hair then jumped on the drivers seat next to Ruth, a little too close for her liking. Then he asked for a photo in the backseat which was a typical request however I didn't anticipate him reaching over and cupping my chest. Immediately I pried his hands off and as in shooed him away, he then had the cheek to ask for a kiss! Excuse me!!! You may leave the rickshaw now. As he left he did at least apologies but that didn't stop him from asking Pia and Ruth for a kiss - persistent fella. Quickly Pia jumped into the drivers seat and sped off back to Rajapor. However our new little friend decided to accompany us on the 10km journey back to town and once we were back in town and heading in the correct direction to Panaji he continued to follow. At this point we ran out of petrol and excitedly Ruth and I jumped out to use the jerry can we had bought on day one. Rummaging through my bag I found my Swiss army knife and a plastic water bottle and from there I headed to the back of the rickshaw to make a funnel. At this point whilst Ruth was getting the fuel can ready and I was hacking into the plastic bottle with a knife, our new friend rides pass asking if we needed any help. The look on Ruth's face and the knife in my hand said it all.... 'No, we're fine!' Thankfully he got the hint and 20km later he returned back to town, leaving us to continue our journey to Goa.

Approximately 40km from Panaji we caught up with Team 3 who had been pulled over by the first unfriendliest police officer we'd come across. Obediently we retrieved the paperwork from the flooded glovebox and slowly peeled apart each piece of paper for the officer. After he had a close inspection we were given the thumbs up and off we went. The closer we got to town the more road kill we seemed to encounter. Stray dogs seemed to be the usual casualties, but cows and even a rat had made an appearance on the roads.

Once we arrived in Panaji we freshened up and all the teams congregated downstairs to enjoy an Indian feast at a local restaurant. Butter chicken seemed to be the favourite on the menu that night. The evening went well into the night sharing stories and trying the local liqueurs.

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