Tuesday, 14 August 2012


No complaining today! We had, had a day of rest so we were bright eyed and ready for the adventure that was ahead of us. As usual we were off to the local petrol station to refuel. I never get tired of the employees faces when they see a pink rickshaw roll into the pump as the lads laugh and nudge eachother in the ribs. With 'Missy' refueled and Ben10 bubble machine replenished, we were off rolling through the roads of Goa showering the region with Little Miss Mania and bubbles galore.

Todays challege was to produce 5 calendar photos at different locations. Being that we were travelling through Goa we were hoping to get some gorgeous beach photos... ahhh but what were we thinking during the monsoon season. More like off-white sand and choppy seas. Anyhow, onward we continued and it was when we ran out of petrol, we thought it would be a perfect spot for a photo shoot, on the side of the road... or was that when we stopped and asked for directions for the many times already that morning.

Even though we had over 200 kilometres to cover today, the majority of the teams decided to make a short detour to a little beach town called Gokama. Perhaps this could be the spot for our prize winning photo. As we arrived in the town, it felt as though we were driving through streets we shouldn't be driving through as they became narrower and narrower. Luckily no one kicked up a fuss with a little pink rickshaw rattling down the main thoroughfare. As we arrived at the beach we were greeted by Teams 2, 4,3 and 5 along with a crowded beach filled with people and never far away a cow or 2.  After a quick inspection of the beach we all agreed it wasn't the tropical oasis look we were aiming for so instead Pia jumped into the rickshaw and posed for the photo she had been wanting to do all along. Check out Miss October in the pics below :)

After a quick detour via the shops we headed back into town to see if Gokama Beach was looking any prettier. Off we went weaving through the back streets trying not to have much social interaction with the numerous packs of dogs found in Goa. For your information, dogs of Goa are a tad crazy... maybe the area has a high number of rabie infested dogs, either way we weren't hanging around long enough to find out. 

As we made our way to Gokama Beach, it involved alot of weaving though side streets which weren't getting us any closer to our final destination. As we reached an impressive lookout point we made an excessive decision. Below we could see the beach.... which looked...ummm like a monsoonal affected beach and with some serious grey clouds rolling in. At this point we thought it may be better to take a quick photo and make our way to Murudeshwar (A tiny town not listed on our map) 'Missy' had endured some minor injuries which meant we had no rain or wind protection from the right-hand side and our side mirror on the same side was pretty dysfunctional since it mainly pointed to the ground, which isn't very helpful when your checking to see if a bus is coming up fast, ready to ram you off the road. So being as gracious as I am and always up for a laugh I agreed to what has to be our 'silliest' calender photo yet and from there we headed to our final destination: Flag down @ Murudeshwar... approx 70 kilometres away.

With just 3 hours left to get there and find this teeny tiny town it was time to see how fast our little tuk tuk could go. As we zipped along the coastal road we encountered more wild dogs and waved to many interesting characters. The closer we got to the town we kept our eyes peeled for signs to the RHS Regency Hotel. There were lots of places starting with RHS and still we don't know what it means, but unfortuantely we weren't our astute selves and managed to miss the turning off to Murudeshwar. This involved back tracking a good15 kilometres. Ruth expertly executed a smooth U-turn on the main highway and asking at least 5 people for directions to our final location and by sheer luck we took the right fork in the road which lead us down the ever familiar Indian potholed road. As the sun began to set on the horizon we managed to enter a small fishing town all hyped and ready for the evening festivities. In the distance was our hotel.... well pretty much one of the the only hotels in town, next to a huge statue of Shiva.

For the first time we were amazed to see Team 6 had managed to make it to the hotel before any other teams. With huge grins from ear to ear Ric and Keith greeted us and made it known that this was just the start of their comeback... 6 days of checking in late from running out of fuel and numerous breakdowns was a thing of the past. Hmmmm! Let's see. ;)

In all our exploring today, we had managed to forget to eat lunch. So quickly Missy was parked alongside the champs of the day, Team 6 and we headed into town to consume our fair share of Dosa Masala. Over dinner we watched the fisherman finish up work, methodically pulling in their prized assets, their fishing boats. A relaxing way to end the day.

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